Imagine Film Festival 2019

10-20 April 2019 | EYE Filmmuseum | Amsterdam


25 March 2019

Full programme, schedule & ticket sale!

The full programme of the 35th edition of Imagine Film Festival is out there! We’ll dive in all things fantastic with four different theme programmes; including masterclasses & exciting guests. The film programme is extensive & diverse, we have fantastic shorts, VR, Gaming and a special programme for professionals. During Imagine the imagination will lead […]

Become our friend!

Hé filmfanatic, we would love you to be our friend! As an friend you will support Imagine and help bring the most fantastic films to the Netherlands! As an Imagine friend you’ll receive a friend pass for €50. With this pass you can visit six films, after these visits the pass can still be used […]

18 March 2019

New Stories in Gaming & VR

Gaming and virtual reality are related to the fantastic film each in their own way. Game developers have enabled players to roam in fantastic environments with characters that can also be seen in movies. The fantastic idiom is also fully present in virtual reality, from science fiction in space to creepy, in your face horror. […]

About Imagine

Imagine is the biggest film festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands, with the best of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Imagine is all about the imagination, being carried away to another world or seeing our own world through different eyes. On the border between fantasy and reality Imagine creates thought experiments. With the power of fantasy Imagine explores the future of humankind and society in light of technological and scientific developments.

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