11 February 2019

Barry Fitzgerald: Superhero scientist

What if you could have the power to be invisible, or to fly? Or what if you could shrink yourself or transform in a glorifying beast? That’s exactly what Barry Fitzgerald, superhero scientist (what? yes superhero scientist) asked himself. At Imagine Film Festival 2019 he’ll discuss which superhero powers are actually attainable by todays science. […]

5 February 2019

Things to come

What happens when Earth runs out of resources? Will we collectively move to Mars? And what does life on Mars look like? In China, the first baby with genetically engineered DNA was born. What does this invention mean for humankind? What if the technology of cutting up DNA falls into the wrong hands? In the […]

28 January 2019

Imagine Film Festival 2019: 
from 10 to 20 April at EYE in Amsterdam

A new edition of Imagine; with lots of fantastic films, masterclasses, workshops and readings that with spark your imagination. An edition that will blow your mind! The 35th edition of Imagine Film Festival will take place from 10 to 20 April at Eye in Amsterdam. Besides the main programme, presenting the best fantastic films of […]

About Imagine

Imagine is the biggest film festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands, with the best of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Imagine is all about the imagination, being carried away to another world or seeing our own world through different eyes. On the border between fantasy and reality Imagine creates thought experiments. With the power of fantasy Imagine explores the future of humankind and society in light of technological and scientific developments.