Corona FAQ

Why was the festival cancelled?

On Monday, March 23rd, the government measures were intensified and extended to June 1st. This made a festival in April absolutely impossible.

Will the festival be rescheduled?

We are currently exploring all options and scenarios for a different date, or a different format. This will take several weeks.

What will the new date be?

We are dependent on an unpredictable factor: the development of the Coronavirus and the guidelines and measures resulting from it. We can’t make any statements yet. In addition, we are dependent on the availability of a festival location, our staff and volunteers and several other factors. It’s quite a puzzle.

When will we know if the festival can be rescheduled?

See the answer above. We can’t make any statements yet, but as soon as we have more certainty we will let everyone know via (social) media. It will definitely be a few more weeks before we know anything more ourselves.

What happens if the government introduces new / intensified measures?

We will adhere to the guidelines and measures provided by RIVM and the government. It’s impossible to predict what they will or could be.