News » 27 June 2016

4x International Action Movies

Besides the usual number of films that activate the brain cells and open up the imagination, the Imagine Film Festival is also the place to be for superior action films. This year the festival presents an international quartet of action films of the highest calibre. 

Guardians  (Sarik Andreasyan, Rusland 2017)
Headshot (Mo Brothers, Indonesië 2016)
Operation Mekong (Dante Lam, Hongkong 2016)
Free Fire (Ben Wheatley, Groot-Brittannië 2016)

The Russian X-Men

Year after year, Imagine proves that action films can be more than just brainless star vehicles. And the emergence of strong new countries in the field of action films has been an undeniable trend in recent years. The Russian film industry, for example, has become very proficient in large budget action films, and Guardians (Zashchitnik) is a good example of that. X-Men by way of Russia – so larger, more patriotic and, above all, more bombastic.

European action

The Raid put Indonesia on the map as an action film country and stars Iko Uwais and Sunny Lee from The Raid 2 play the leads in the brutal Headshot. Veteran Dante Lam had a substantial budget at his disposal, and it shows in the drugs epic Operation Mekong. The Thai government was less enthused about the suggestion of corruption… While Asia has been the main purveyor of stylish action films for years, Europe makes them as well. Ben Wheatley lets loose with Free Fire, a shoot out in an old warehouse that could make Quentin Tarantino and John Woo jealous.

Actiefilm Imagine

Actiefilm Imagine