News » 7 April 2019

Aanbevelingen van onze programmeurs

The favourite artistic director Chris Oosterom:

 A distant planet or an exotic island can hardly be more fantastic than what the maker presents us here: a world of decay, alcohol, cigarettes and German smartlaps, soaked in yellow-brown colors, with characters in front who the only prospect is the bottom of their glass.


VR-programmer Stanislaw Liguziński tells you more about VR:

An important part of this year’s festival is VR (& Gaming). We have a roomscale VR (that is a VR room where you literally walk around) and a lot of exciting and fantastic experiences. As a big fan, Stan shares his favorites; he could not really choose!

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vr programma Total Recall Imagine Film Festival


Why you should see “Monos”, explained by Lauren Murphy:

A remote part of the Amazon, mushrooms, liquor, machine guns and whooping hormones: a recipe for disaster. However, the isolated child soldiers in Monos do not immediately get in each other’s way. They are too busy kissing and partying while waiting for news from their commanders. But the excitement can be felt from the very first minutes, and Brazilian director Alejandro Landes skillfully holds his pressure cooker on jungle fever position to the inevitable boiling point, as curiosity and evidence drive give way to power games and aggression.

Alejandro Landes skillfully holds his pressure cooker on jungle fever position.

Monos is a kind of trippy cocktail from Lord of the Flies, Apocalypse Now and the best work by Werner Herzog: mythical and small, absurd and recognizable. A perfect example of the kind of film that I always hope to encounter for Imagine: an ambiguous story that balances on the border of genre and drama, and that it is fantastic to underline a realistic situation that might otherwise be unbearable. In which the real world is hostile, and fantasy is needed to survive. Last year it was the brilliant Tigers Are Not Afraid, now it is this brilliant Brazilian war fairy tale. Hopefully you agree with me.”


Why, according to Asanki, you really should see “Prospect”

If you like films that leave you on the edge of your seat, then you’re right on track with Prospect!

Sci-fi films expanded enormously and I really enjoy that as a fan. Prospect fits nicely here. The whimsical yet breathtaking atmosphere, the nerve-racking setting and with a great kick-ass teenage actress as the basic ingredients, Prospect promises to become a nail-biting space thriller. Oh yes and Pedro Pascal. Another great actor. Do you want to see Oberyn brave the “deep space”? Then this film is definitely for you! (Need I say more?)


Phil’s favourite is “Await Further Instructions”. Why?

SF and horror, with a real debilitating final as dessert.

A British family gets trapped in their own house, that on Christmas morning. All parties are to be enclosed by black metal. On TV only the announcement: wait for further instructions. Consider an episode of Black Mirror, but written in the sixties. Add to Royle Family favorites, plus a pinch of Orwell’s 1984, and you have an idea of what awaits you: Imagine 2019’s tastiest treat. SF and horror, with a real debilitating final as dessert.