News » 28 April 2019

Alternative film posters now also for sale online!

We understand you didn’t really feel like bringing one of these amazing posters home with you on the boat, train or bike. Luckily for all of you who really wanted one of these anyway, the posters are now also for sale online! These handmade posters are limited edition and were made especially for Imagine, so order your favourite one quickly!

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More information about our alternative film posters
At Imagine’s request, artist and poster designer Joris Diks from Utrecht approached nine designers from all over Europe and presented them with a list of Imagine classics. The result is a surprising and varied series of alternative posters, from Donnie Darko and Let the Right One In to Bone Tomahawk and Isle of Dogs. All handmade, limited edition and for sale! 

Over the last few years, alternative film posters have developed a cult following. Artists look to a film for inspiration and design a poster outside of the artwork approved by the filmmakers. The results are often spectacular and shared all over the world via social media. American Mondo is the best known producer of these kinds of posters, but beautiful work is created elsewhere in the world as well.