News » 8 April 2019

At Imagine for the first time? We’ll help you out!

Is this your first year at Imagine? Or do you need some guidance through our programme? Are you stressing out because of the amount of films? We are happy to help you out. Follow this step-by-step plan below and you are assured of a complete Imagine experience.

Step 1. The theme programmes 

Let's Talk About Sects New Stories in Gaming & VR



Step 2. The films  

Of course, you can just look into our schedule to find the films you like best, but we can easily Imagine you might need some help with that. So, here we go…

For the monster lover: zombies, demons and other scary creatures?

For the faint hearted: can’t stand scary films? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

For people who are not afraid of a little blood: the bloodier, the better?

For the smiley faces: fancy something comical?

For the thrill seekers: looking for an adrenaline rush?

Step 3. Book your seat in our VR-studio

Book your timeslot here and pick one of our nine VR-programmes while you’re there! Wanna check out the VR-programmes in advance? You can read up on them here. 

Step 4. Come by the festival café

End your festival day with a beer in our always cozy café and stop by one of the fun events. Every evening you can get a tasty daily meal, provided by Hot Mama Hot, and we have fresh beers on tap.

Step 5. Just some practical stuff left to do…. 

  • Buy your tickets via the film pages or via EYE.
  • More info on ticket prices can be found here
  • Please remember you can get some nice discounts with Cineville, CJP, We Are Public and some other discount passes.
  • Do you want to see more than six films? It might be cheaper to become our Imaginary friend!