News » 10 April 2018

Come visit our festival cafe!

Our festival cafe offers delicious meals, great drinks, nice reads and interesting conversations.

Next to a large variety of films, workshops and masterclasses, you can also enjoy our festival cafe. The daily dishes catered by Hot Mama Hot will tickle your taste buds! And every night, we finish with a talk show and a drink.

Daily dish by Hot Mama Hot

The next ten days delicious food will be prepared in our festival cafe. Every day from 18:00, a fresh dish catered by Hot Mama Hot will be offered at the unimaginable price of €12,50. So, if you’re planning on visiting us anyways, why not make it a delicious date? Drinks are served all day long!

Every night: Late Night Talk Show

Every evening we finish with a talk show and a drink. Here we discuss the films, we invite directors and other special guests that were present that day and talk about the programme of that day. We promise fun guests and interesting conversation every single evening. All while enjoying a sip and a bite from our bar and joined by Basje Boer to host the entire evening.

The festival cafe is located on the first floor of EYE Filmmuseum. You can enter it by going upstairs from the main restaurant/cafe.