News » 26 March 2016

Fantastic Fashion

The Imagine Film Festival theme of the 2017 edition is Fantastic Fashion. In a wide ranging and varied theme program, Imagine will focus on the role costumes and styling play in creating a fantastic illusion. Besides an extensive film program, there will be a large fringe program with domestic and foreign guests.

Every fantastic film genre (such as science fiction, fantasy, horror) has its own dress code and styling; futuristic (space) suits in science fiction, iconic superhero costumes, gothic horror for TV series like Penny Dreadful or the amazing costumes in Game of Thrones. Through costumes and styling, regular people are transformed into magical or extraordinary creatures – they turn the person into an unforgettable persona. The power of costumes and styling in film is the focus point of the Fantastic Fashion theme programme. In addition to prominent international professionals, there will be plenty of room for a young, innovative and exciting new generation of Dutch fashion designers who have bridged the gap between fashion and film.

Focus on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a superheroine whose looks have changed quite drastically over the years. Her personality changed along with them, from sexy heroine to fierce woman to power girl. She was even ambassador of the United Nations for a short while. Canadian historian, author and blogger Tim Hanley has published extensively about Wonder Woman and will talk about the turbulent history of this superheroine in his lecture.

Dutch fashion designers at EYE on Art

For the third consecutive time, EYE and Imagine will jointly organise a special Imagine edition of EYE on Art, the programme at the intersection of film and art. The spotlight will be turned on two young Dutch fashion designers, whose aesthetics closely match fantastic film and who also make films themselves: Esther Dorhout Mees and Jacob Kok. They talk about their fashion and films, and along with their own films they will also show older material that places their work in a historical context.

Fantastic fashion Imagine Film Festival