News » 3 July 2016

Get Out opens Imagine 2017

Jordan Peele’s American horror sensation Get Out will open the 33th edition of Imagine Film Festival 2017. The film is a big hit amongst press and public: it’s number one in the US box office and scores a rare rate of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

In Get Out the young African-American Chris visits the parents of his girlfriend Rose for the first time. Although her family is liberal and tolerant, for Chris, the situation quickly becomes uncomfortable.

Wednesday, April 12 – 19:15 (official opening)
Wednesday, April 12 – 21:45 (public opening)
Friday, April 14 – 20:00 (repeat)

Get Out opening Imagine

Closing film: Buster’s Mal Heart

Imagine closes on April 21st with Buster’s Mal Heart. It’s the second film by Sarah Adina Smith starring Rami Malik, known for Mr. Robot. The film is about the fugitive Buster, who was the calm night watchman Jonah in a previous life. Enigmatic thriller about paranoia and loss of identity is a psychological brainteaser with Lynchian touches.

Friday, April 21 – 19:15 (with closing ceremony)
Friday, April 21 – 21:50 (repeat)


Mal Heart slot Imagine