News » 4 March 2018

Imagine 2018: fantastic stories from past and present

The first titles and programme sections are revealed!

With great pleasure we announce the first details of our 2018 programme! As always, we present you a fine selection of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. This year’s programme reflects the wide range of storytelling traditions that belong to the realm of fantastic film: from fantastic stories going back to age old myths to futuristic fiction taking stage in the future. The technology enabling fantastic storytelling is also included in our new programme. Our 2018 programme runs from the 11th of April until the 21st of April in EYE Film Museum Amsterdam.

The past: Lanterna Magica
Curious about the way sci-fi, horror and fantasy were narrated in the past? Before cinema, fantastic stories were told using the so-called Lanterna Magica. This lantern projected images on the wall, using glass and a transparent image. At Imagine, this technique will be revived in a collaboration between Annet Duller and Wim Bos – collectors of magic lantern images – and Sahand Sahebdivandi from the Amsterdam storytellers collective Mezrab!

The future: Virtual Reality
Next to old storytelling techniques, Imagine also takes a leap into the future using Virtual Reality: a young technology that evokes experiment in the moving image. Let your senses be tickled by this new technology. We present a programme of the best fantastic VR experiences of the past year.

Zeitgeist: remakes and reboots
Not only will we travel through time in the realm of techniques: we also invite you to explore the zeitgeist in remakes and reboots. In his audiovisual essay, with an abundance of film clips, Peet Gelderblom elaborates on the political and social aspects of the four versions that have been produced based on Jack Finney’s novel The Body Snatchers from 1955.

Our first features
Next to these three programmes, we also present you our first feature films – please click below!

All shorts

Besoin Dead – Auréiien Digard (France 2017)
Birthday – Alberto Viavattene (Italy 2017)
Black Label – David Fergés (Spain 2017)
The Boogeys – Sanjay Sharma (Canada 2017)
Caronte – Luis Tinoco Pineda (Spain 2017)
Caught – Johnny Kenton (Great Britain 2017)
Count Your Curses – Lorène Yavo (Belgium 2017)
The Day My Mom Became a Monster – Josephine Hopkins (France 2017)
Deja Vu – Olivier Labonté LeMoyne (Canada 2017)
Downside Up – Peter Ghesquière (Belgium 2017)
Dystopian:Lovesong – Stefano Moro (Italy 2017)
Fraktaal – Julius Horsthuis (The Netherlands 2017)
The Hangman – Tim Sagl (The Netherlands 2017)
Holy F__ck – Chris Chalklen (Great Britain 2017)
Ik kan vliegen – Ruwan Heggelman (The Netherlands 2017)
Imbroglio – Christopher Zatta (United States 2017)
Judgement – Sean Healy (Great Britain 2017)
Julkita – Humberto Busto (Mexico 2017)
Latched – Justin Harding (Canada 2017)
Lunch Ladies – J.M. Logan & Clarissa Jacobson (United States 2017)
Moon Children – Marlyn Kist de Ruijter (The Netherlands 2017)
Mouse – Celine Held, Logan George (United States 2017)
Nocturne (Nachtstück) – Anne Breymann (Germany 2017)
Overrun – Pierre Ropars (France 2017)
Pizzamonster – Kurt Platvoet (The Netherlands 2017)
Real Artists – Cameo Wood (United States 2017)
Rien ne va plus – Sophie Linnenbaum (Germany 2017)
RINGO ROCKET STAR and his Song for Yuri Gagarin – René Nuijens (The Netherlands 2017)
RIP – Pinto & Caye (Spain 2017)
Runner – Yung-Jae Chen (United States 2017)
Salvatore – Maarten Groen (The Netherlands 2017)
Sandwitch – Jasper ten Hoor (The Netherlands 2018)
Santa Ana – Cesar Pesquera (United States 2017)
Shiner (beurre noir) – Jimmy G. Pettigrew (Canada 2017)
Shoes – Ray Kermani (Belgium 2017)
Sons of Bitches – Arnaud Baur (Switserland 2017)
The Sound – Antony Petrou (Great Britain 2017)
Stretch – Steven Larson (United States 2017)
Synesthesia – Diverse regisseurs (France 2017)
Viola Vs. The Vampire King – Kevin Fermini (United States 2017)
We Summoned a Demon – Chris McInroy (United States 2017)
Word! – Amos Mulder (The Netherlands 2017)