News » 24 June 2020

Imagine and Barbeanians present: Monster Munch

Be the horror in Monster Munch! This fun arcade style horror game shows the fun side of fright. Playing as a scrawny sea monster your strongest weapon is suspense and fear. Catch yourself some dinner by scaring the life out of curious divers and by doing so find yourself a place in the highscore board! Submerge yourself into the classic comic style environment and may the best monster win!

Developer: Barbeanians | Publisher: Imagine Film Festival | Age Rating: 12+ | single player

Download and play the game!


About the Barbeanians
The Barbeanians team consists of six Games & Interaction students from the HKU. The group is composed of one Game Designer (Julia Emmink), two Developers (Bob Jeltes & Niels Vriezen), two 3D Artists (Kyra van den Dries & Zoë van Dijke) and one Tech Artist (Jeffrey Saydam). They have worked together for 5 months to make the game “Monster Munch” in cooperation with the Imagine Film Festival and Auris Media.

“For this game we really tried to capture the fun in horror and wondered how it would be to be in the shoes, or rather flippers of the monster. This was really our starting point and from here we looked at the classic monster movies and comics for the art style. Since they often have fun bold lines, bold shadows and a good suspense. We all hope you enjoy the game and in doing so, experience a bit of the film festival from home.”

-The Barbeanians