News » 28 January 2019

Imagine Film Festival 2019: 
from 10 to 20 April at EYE in Amsterdam

A new edition of Imagine; with lots of fantastic films, masterclasses, workshops and readings that will spark your imagination. An edition that will blow your mind!

The 35th edition of Imagine Film Festival will take place from 10 to 20 April at Eye in Amsterdam. Besides the main programme, presenting the best fantastic films of the past 12 months, Imagine presents four diverse theme programmes. Each of these highlights a different aspect of the central subject of imagination.

Like previous editions, the main programme of Imagine consists of approximately 50 feature films and 35 short films, among them a large number of Dutch titles. These films represent the best of fantastic cinema of the past 12 months. Besides this main programme, Imagine presents four theme programmes, each representing a different aspect of the festival.

The theme programme ‘New Stories in Gaming and VR’ explores fantastic stories that use interactive ways of storytelling, such as games and virtual reality. We organize a showcase of Dutch games, invite several (inter)national guests and present the Imagine VR-award for the second time.

‘Things to Come’ is our scientific theme programme where we explore future visions of science fiction and compare and discuss them with developments in science and scientific research. With talks about CRISP/Cas9, trips to Mars and the genetic and biological background of the powers of superheroes. In this visionary theme programme, we investigate the fine line between fantasy and reality, and how fictional science can influence reality.

The late-night programme ‘Slash-O-Rama’ is for our most fearless visitors. It focuses on the mother of all horror: the Slasher. Till the late hours you can enjoy bloody classics at Imagine. With a small retrospective of films from the eighties and a very special guest of honour which we’ll announce later on.

Sects take centre stage in ‘Let’s Talk About Sects’, a diverse programme that highlights the lasting impact of sects on (American) film productions. With special attention for cult leaders like Jim Jones and Charles Manson and the psychological aspect of sects and their followers.

In the following months we will reveal the entire program of Imagine Film Festival 2019 with all its guests, themes and films.

Festival Artwork
The artwork of Imagine 2019 is developed by the Amsterdam based design studio “What the”, with illustrations by Polish artist Dawid Planeta and typography by Nick Liefhebber. Imagine collaborated with Dawid Planeta and Nick Liefhebber in previous editions.

About What The Studio

What the is a multidisciplinary design studio. With a focus on visual communication, founded by Sara Landeira and Ekhiñe Domínguez. Their design process is well thought out and based on research and they design daring concepts that focus on the creation of visual languages, striking images and a connection the target audience. Through self-initiated project they create content and design themes in the field of society, politics and culture. What the is responsible for the visual expressions of Imagine Film Festival. They have previously collaborated with Frascati Theater, Museum Booijmans van Beuningen and Nederland Theater Festival. (http://what-the.studio/)

About Dawid Planeta
David Planeta is an artist and graphic designer from Krakow, Poland. In 2014 he graduated from the Art Academy in Krakow as an industrial designer. Since then Dawid Planeta works as a teacher and freelance designer. Besides commercial projects Dawid works at his art. His most personal project “Mini People in the jungle” is published widely. The starting point of the artwork for Imagine is Planeta’s work “Deep Forest”. (minipeople.tumblr.com)