News » 20 January 2020

Imagine Film Festival 2020: from 16 to 25 April at Eye Filmmuseum

From Thursday, April 16th, until Saturday, April 25th, the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam will once again become a haven for fans of fantastic film.  The 36th edition of the Imagine Film Festival will be full of original and idiosyncratic horror, science fiction and fantasy films. In addition to the main programme, consisting of a selection of national and international films from this past year, Imagine also offers various (theme) programmes.

Like each year, Imagine’s main programme contains around 50 feature films and 35 short films, including a large number of Dutch films. This selection represents the best that fantastic cinema had to offer over the past 12 months. The films are contemporary, often created by up-and-coming talent, have recently had their world premiere, or actually have that world premiere at the Imagine Film Festival!


Things to Come: Nature Strikes Back!

Imagine’s yearly science programme Things to Come views today’s and tomorrow’s society through the eyes of imagination. The main theme of this edition of the festival is: Nature Strikes Back! In this programme (climate) scientists, futurologists and filmmakers will juxtapose disaster scenarios from eco-horror and cli-fi (climate fiction) with the terrifying climate change in the real world. And it’s not just about the likelihood of those scenarios actually happening: like no other genre, science fiction lends itself to using imagination and rendering alternative scenarios of the future. For this programme, Imagine will collaborate with New Scientist magazine and SPUI 25, among others.


Imagine Expanded: film, games and VR

At Imagine Expanded, the different platforms of film, games and VR are joined together by fantastic stories and worlds. Level Up is a showcase with playable demos of the newest independently produced Dutch and Flemish Games. Along with the creators, various (inter)national guests will be present. We will also present our yearly Imagine VR-award for the best VR-experience in the international competition.


Guest of honour: Richard Stanley – including Dutch premiere!

As our guest of honour we welcome South African director Richard Stanley, who broke through in the nineties with Hardware (1990) and Dust Devil (1992). After a period in which he mainly worked as a screenwriter and documentary maker, Stanley is back with the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Color Out of Space. Imagine will screen all of his fiction films, as well as two other titles selected by him. An Evening with Richard Stanley, on Thursday, April 17th, will feature a Career Talk followed by the Dutch premiere of Color Out of Space, starring Nicolas Cage, and Stanley’s film of choice: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Richard Stanley will be present at every screening of his films for an introduction and Q&A.


Festival artwork
The Imagine 2020 artwork was developed by Amsterdam design studio What The Studio, based on an illustration by Polish artist Dawid Planeta. Imagine used artwork from this artist before in 2018 and 2019.


About Dawid Planeta

Dawid Planeta is an artist and graphic designer from Krakow, Poland. In 2014 he graduated from the Krakow art academy as an industrial designer. Since then Dawid Planeta has worked as a teacher and freelance designer. In addition to his commercial projects, Dawid Planet also works on his autonomous work. His most personal project ‘Mini People in the Jungle’ has been widely published. The Imagine 2020 festival artwork is based on Dawid Planeta’s work ‘The Miracle’. http://minipeople.tumblr.com


About Imagine Film Festival

Imagine is the largest film festival for fantastic film in The Netherlands, bringing you the best that fantasy, horror and science fiction have to offer. Imagine is all about the imagination, being guided into other worlds or altering your view on our own world. Imagine uses the power of the imagination for thought experiments on the future of humanity and society, often in the light of technological innovations or scientific developments. Additionally, Imagine examines new ways to experience fantastic stories, like virtual reality or fantastic games. Besides a sharp focus on the present and future of the fantastic, we also honour its rich history. We identify new talent, present new work from established makers and show classics and forgotten gems. The festival offers backgrounds, history and context and links fantastic film to social developments with in-depth programmes. With its 36-year history and its extensive network, Imagine acts as both curator and guide for newcomers as well as die-hard genre fans.