News » 1 March 2019

Imagine Film Festival presents: High Life

Imagine Film Festival presents: High Life. With an introduction of our programmers, in three cinemas.

High Life

High Life is a sci-fi thriller by renowned director Claire Denis (ao Les Salauds, Beau Travail).  As guinea pigs, a group of criminals convicted to death is sent to a black hole. Completely isolated from the earth chaos and conflict arise on board, while a cruel doctor keeps them on the line with experiments. If Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his daughter Willow remain alone, their eternal destiny approaches them.

With Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benajmin and Mia Goth.

Eye Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) 13 march, 20.45 Tickets
Louis Hartlooper Complex (Utrecht) 14 march, 21.15 Tickets
KINO (Rotterdam) 15 march, 21.15 Tickets