News » 16 May 2019

Imagine Presents – Vincent Price Birthday Bash

On May 27, Vincent Price would have turned 108, had he not died in 1993 at the age of 82. Together with Straigh to Video, Shocking News, LAB 111 and Jan Doense we are organizing a birthday party for this horror legend.

On Sunday the 26th of May, Vincent Price’s daughter and biographer Victoria Price will be in Amsterdam and will give a talk about her father. Subsequently, Pete Walkers House of the Long Shadows (1983) is shown, in which Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing can also be seen, along with Price. This film will be introduced by our own horror expert Jan Doense.

Victoria Price is the author of Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography and regularly gives lectures about her father all over the world. Although Victoria is the daughter of a horror icon, she herself is not a fan of horror movies, but she is fan of the horror fan. It is within that role that she visits many international horror conventions.

Together with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, Price was one of the greatest horror actors and although he made his debut in 1938, he did not play his first real horror role in the 3D movie House of Wax until 1953. But it would take until 1960 before he became a horror star thanks to Edgar Allan Poe films by Roger Corman. His somewhat affected, anointing voice was recognizable from thousands and was often used without Price himself being in the picture. Consider for example the opening text of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or the short animation film Vincent by Tim Burton.

7pm Talk with Victoria Price (tickets 5,-)
9m House of the Long Shadows (tickets 11,-)
Both programs are free with Cineville! Cineville pass holders must reserve separately for both.