News » 27 April 2016

Lindy Hemming will give a masterclass about her work

With our  Fantastic Fashion theme program – on the role costumes and styling play in the creation of the fantastic illusion – we are very proud to welcome Lindy Hemming as a guest of honour during Fantastic Film Festival 2017.

Costume designer and Oscar winner Lindy Hemming (James Bond, The Dark Knight and Wonder Woman) will be a guest of honour during the Imagine Film Festival 2017. Hemming will present a masterclass for a general audience. Aided by working drawings and other materials, she will talk about her work and how her designs have helped shape the fantastic character of films. A selection of her design sketches will be exhibited in the public area of EYE during the entire festival.

About Lindy Hemming

Welsh costume designer Lindy Hemming (1948) graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She started her career as a costume designer for British directors like Mike Leigh and Stephen Frears. In 2000 she received an Oscar for Topsy-Turvy. She created the costumes for the James Bond films GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day and Casino Royale, as well as contributing to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. She also created amazing costumes for the new Wonder Woman, which will be released this summer (and will be focused on in Fantastic Fashion). In addition to a masterclass for the Imagine audience, Hemming will also give a masterclass to students in a closed setting.

Lindy Hemming Imagine Film Festival