News » 20 March 2018

New film, new guest and New Scientist!

This week: I love dogs, storyboarding and space thrills..

This week, we introduce a new film (hint: I love dogs), a new guest (hint: storyboarding) and New Scientist, which will host an introduction to a stunning space thriller at Imagine 2018.

New film: Isle of Dogs

With pride we present Wes Andersons’s most recent masterpiece: Isle of Dogs. Isle of Dogs tells the story of a boy who is on a quest to find his dog after the mayor (his father) deported all dogs to a deserted island due to the suspicion of the dogs spreading disease. It’s an excellent Wes Anderson, full of pop cultural references, bone dry humor and engagement. Come and see!

Storyboard by Temple Clark

New guest: Temple Clark!

Unfortunately, we have to announce that David Russell will not be able to attend Imagine 2018. Therefore, we invited storyboard artist Temple Clark(!) to give a masterclass about storyboarding. Temple Clark is a storyboard and concept artist who collaborated on more than 100 cinema and television films such as Spectre, Gravity, The Avengers, Kick-Ass, two Harry Potter films, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Fifth Element. During his masterclass, Temple Clark is going to analyze the scenes that he storyboarded and the way they eventually were filmed and edited.

Poster van Space thriller New Scientist

New Scientist introduces: Salyut-7

On the 12th of April, it’s Yuri’s Night: the first time a man made it to space. We celebrate this night with the stunning space thriller Salyut-7. Retelling the rescue of the Salyut-7, this superb Russian film is a stylish and heroic space thriller, captivating from start to finish. The film is going to be introduced by Erik Laan (Eye on Orbit) for science magazine New Scientist. New Scientist is the magazine that changes your view on the world with fascinating ideas that sprout from science.