News » 6 March 2018

New feature films and a magic guest!

A witch is coming to town and Frankenstein will be brought back to life!

An occult guest is coming to town.. She’s often seen in fantastic film, but at Imagine she will be on stage. Furthermore, we are paying a tribute to the 200-year existence of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein using music and film. Last but not least, we have new film titles for you!

Witchcraft in modern day society

We all have our prejudices about witches, stemming from fantastic stories: from the wicked witch of Oz to Yubaba from Spirited Away. But what exactly is witch craft? And what does it mean to be a witch in modern-day society? The Dutch-British Morgana is a Wiccan Priestess. At Imagine 2018, she will tell us all the ins and outs about witchcraft: from prejudices, to archetypes to modern day practices.

Our annual film concert: Frankenstein

This year, we pay a tribute to Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’, which has existed for 200 years in 2018. We will do so in a film concert in which James Whales’s Frankenstein from 1931 will be screened. The brand-new score is made and performed by componer and musician Kevin Toma and foley artist Ronnie van der Veer, who will take care of sound effects.

New titles!

Animals (Germany, 2017)

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (US, 2017)

Family (Israel, 2017)

Ghost Stories (UK, 2017)

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (US, 2017)

King Cohen (US, 2017)

Mom and Dad (US, 2017)

Mon mon mon Monsters! (Taiwan, 2017)

The Scythian (Russia, 2018)

Terrifier (US, 2017)