19 April 2019

And the winner is …

At our lovely closing night, we got to give away our Imagine Film Festival awards. We are very proud to present our winners to you. Black Tulip Award The award for the best film in the competition. The jury this year consists of directors Hanna van Niekerk and Ena Senadiarevic and Schokkend Nieuws editor in […]

18 April 2019

William Lustig receives the Career Achievement Award

William Lustig directed a whole set of genre films in the 1980s, including Maniac and the Maniac Cop trilogy. Maniac was shown yesterday after William Lustig’s Career Talk, the first part of the Maniac Cop trilogy can be seen today on Imagine. Lustig is a real genrefan who spent a large part of his childhood […]

16 April 2019

Awards score

Little can be added to these last scores. One Cut of the Dead is the big winner, but today three more titles can throw a spanner in the works: O Beautiful Night (now on 3), scary dog-thriller Wilkolak, and closing film Freaks. The result will be announced during tonight and then published here. View the […]

15 April 2019

Best of Imagine – programma bekend!

The first half of Imagine is behind us and we had some fantastic days, events and screenings. Based on your opinions (and our own…) we’ve created the programma it’s the numbers 1 to 7. These are: 10:00 – 11:40 Mirai 12:00 – 13:35 MEMORY: The Origins of Alien 13:55 – 15:35 Prospect 15:55 – 17:40 […]

11 April 2019

Nieuwe namen! – Reading Amsterdamned door beroemde Rotterdammers

Het is zo ver! De namen van de acteurs die de reading van Amsterdamned  gaan verzorgen zijn bekend! Onder toeziend oog van regisseur Dick Maas zullen bekende Rotterdamse acteurs dit inmiddels dertig jaar oude script in een nieuw jasje steken. In samenwerking met het scenaristencollectief Winchester McFly organiseert Imagine een zogeheten live reading van Amsterdamned. […]

8 April 2019

At Imagine for the first time? We’ll help you out!

Is this your first year at Imagine? Or do you need some guidance through our programme? Are you stressing out because of the amount of films? We are happy to help you out. Follow this step-by-step plan below and you are assured of a complete Imagine experience. Step 1. The theme programmes  We have four […]

7 April 2019

Aanbevelingen van onze programmeurs

The favourite artistic director Chris Oosterom:  A distant planet or an exotic island can hardly be more fantastic than what the maker presents us here: a world of decay, alcohol, cigarettes and German smartlaps, soaked in yellow-brown colors, with characters in front who the only prospect is the bottom of their glass.   VR-programmer Stanislaw […]

3 April 2019

Become our friend!

Hé filmfanatic, we would love you to be our friend! As an friend you will support Imagine and help bring the most fantastic films to the Netherlands! As an Imagine friend you’ll receive a friend pass for €50. With this pass you can visit six films, after these visits the pass can still be used […]

2 April 2019

VR tips by VR-programmer Stanislaw Liguziński!

We asked our VR-programmer Stanislaw Liguziński about his favourite VR progamme.. Guess what? He came with a whole bunch of must see’s. What are you looking forward to experiencing at Imagine Film Festival 2019?   Campfire Creepers & Midnight March From master of horror Alexandre Aja (the director of films such as Haute Tension, The […]

1 April 2019

Finding Tom Bombadil – interview Joost de Loo

In Finding Tom Bombadil holistic detective Joost van de Loo is searching for his favourite character of The Lord of the Rings. I’m really fond of meeting people, and for me meeting Tom Bombadil would basically be the ultimate encounter But how to find this magical creature? Tom Bombadil could live at any place in the world, […]