2 April 2019

VR tips by VR-programmer Stanislaw Liguziński!

We asked our VR-programmer Stanislaw Liguziński about his favourite VR progamme.. Guess what? He came with a whole bunch of must see’s. What are you looking forward to experiencing at Imagine Film Festival 2019?   Campfire Creepers & Midnight March From master of horror Alexandre Aja (the director of films such as Haute Tension, The […]

1 April 2019

Finding Tom Bombadil – interview Joost de Loo

In Finding Tom Bombadil holistic detective Joost van de Loo is searching for his favourite character of The Lord of the Rings. I’m really fond of meeting people, and for me meeting Tom Bombadil would basically be the ultimate encounter But how to find this magical creature? Tom Bombadil could live at any place in the world, […]

26 March 2019

Film tip by artistic director Christ Oosterom

“When I went to see Der goldene Handschuh during the Berlin film festival, the first performances had already been. The trade magazines and the German newspapers were united: Fatih Akin had made a disgusting film, one of which you can wonder if it should have been made at all But other sounds came from the […]

25 March 2019

Full programme, schedule & ticket sale!

The full programme of the 35th edition of Imagine Film Festival is out there! We’ll dive in all things fantastic with four different theme programmes; including masterclasses & exciting guests. The film programme is extensive & diverse, we have fantastic shorts, VR, Gaming and a special programme for professionals. During Imagine the imagination will lead […]

18 March 2019

New Stories in Gaming & VR

Gaming and virtual reality are related to the fantastic film each in their own way. Game developers have enabled players to roam in fantastic environments with characters that can also be seen in movies. The fantastic idiom is also fully present in virtual reality, from science fiction in space to creepy, in your face horror. […]

7 March 2019

Let’s talk about Sects!

During Imagine we dive deeper into the alarmingly realistic subject of sects. So: ‘Let’s talk about Sects baby!’ With the help of our programmes ‘De Keuze van Koolhoven’ by Martin Koolhoven, Manson specialist Ian Cooper and four sect films, the theme programme Let’s talk about Sects examines the lasting influence of sects on the (American) […]

2 March 2019

The first 10 films of Imagine Film Festival 2019

The first 10 films of Imagine Film Festival 2019 are here!   1. The Standoff at Sparrow Creek Henry Dunham USA, 2018 2. Ruben Brandt, Collector Milorad Krstić Hungary, 2018 3. Freaks Zach Lipovsky, Adam Stein Canada, 2018 4. One Cut of the Dead (Kamera o tomeru na!) Shin’ichirô Ueda Japan, 2017 5. Prospect Zeek […]

1 March 2019

Imagine Film Festival presents: High Life

Imagine Film Festival presents: High Life. With an introduction of our programmers, in three cinemas. High Life High Life is a sci-fi thriller by renowned director Claire Denis (ao Les Salauds, Beau Travail).  As guinea pigs, a group of criminals convicted to death is sent to a black hole. Completely isolated from the earth chaos […]

26 February 2019


The bloodthirsty doll, the killing psychopath and the most gruesome killings. In the eighties the slasher films were extremely popular with the general public. Nowadays, remakes and reboots are made of the classics like Friday 13th and Maniac Cop. This revaluation inspired Imagine to honor the classics with Slash-O-Rama! a celebration of the most bloody 80’s slashers […]

11 February 2019

Barry Fitzgerald: Superhero scientist

What if you could have the power to be invisible, or to fly? Or what if you could shrink yourself or transform in a glorifying beast? That’s exactly what Barry Fitzgerald, superhero scientist (what? yes superhero scientist) asked himself. At Imagine Film Festival 2019 he’ll discuss which superhero powers are actually attainable by todays science. […]