10 April 2018

Come visit our festival cafe!

Our festival cafe offers delicious meals, great drinks, nice reads and interesting conversations. Next to a large variety of films, workshops and masterclasses, you can also enjoy our festival cafe. The daily dishes catered by Hot Mama Hot will tickle your taste buds! And every night, we finish with a talk show and a drink. […]

29 March 2018

Kick-Ass Women Column: Young Monsters

Every week, Gwyneth Sleutel writes a Kick-Ass Women column. This week’s topic: young female monsters. Horror films are about the crossing of lines: the line between good and evil, light and dark, but also between the human and the monstrous, natural and supernatural. Emphasizing these lines and crossing them is a way in which horror […]

20 March 2018

New film, new guest and New Scientist!

This week: I love dogs, storyboarding and space thrills.. This week, we introduce a new film (hint: I love dogs), a new guest (hint: storyboarding) and New Scientist, which will host an introduction to a stunning space thriller at Imagine 2018. New film: Isle of Dogs With pride we present Wes Andersons’s most recent masterpiece: […]

10 March 2018

Kick-Ass Women Column: The Witch

Every week, Gwyneth Sleutel writes a Kick-Ass Women column. This week’s topic: the witch.

6 March 2018

New feature films and a magic guest!

A witch is coming to town and Frankenstein will be brought back to life! An occult guest is coming to town.. She’s often seen in fantastic film, but at Imagine she will be on stage. Furthermore, we are paying a tribute to the 200-year existence of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein using music and film. Last but […]

4 March 2018

Imagine 2018: fantastic stories from past and present

The first titles and programme sections are revealed! With great pleasure we announce the first details of our 2018 programme! As always, we present you a fine selection of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. This year’s programme reflects the wide range of storytelling traditions that belong to the realm of fantastic film: from fantastic stories going […]

17 February 2018

Kick Ass Women Column: Femme Fatale

She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The linger the web takes, the more fabulous it construction. She has no need to chase. She sits quietly, her patience a consummate force; she waits for her prey to come to her on their own, and then she ensnares them, injects them with […]

5 February 2018

Full programme revealed!

Kick-Ass Women, David Russell, Mick Garris and the revelation of our full programme. This year, we would like you to hear and see the voices of cinema’s kick-ass women. Also, we invited two professionals that will elaborate on the art of screenplays and storyboards.. Last but not least, our full programme and timetable is online! […]

4 February 2018

Kick-Ass Women Column: Mothers

Kick-Ass Women: domestic mothers, monstrous mothers, final Mothers One of the most popular Dutch romantic comedies is the 2013 film Soof. Soof shows us a mother who cooks not for the wellbeing of her children but for her own financial independence.Cooking has become a choice, no longer a chore a mother is supposed to do. […]

2 February 2018

Laterna Magica: predecessor of cinema

The Laterna Magica was used to tell fantastic stories, using merely a candle, a mirror and glass. Fantasy and imagination are the key to telling legendary stories that transcend reality. Fantastic stories are often told using images that create a complete new world. Especially film is a good method to achieve this altered reality, as […]