News » 20 April 2016

Shorts at Imagine 2017

Fantastic Shorts

We selected a  wide international selection of short films again this year:  the Fantastic Shorts. Over forty films from fifteen countries are divided into four programmes: All in the Family, Everyday Stories, Secrets and Lies and The Body Shop.

Shorts: All In the Family
Shorts: Everyday Stories
Shorts: Secrets and Lies
Shorts: The Body Shop

Shorts op Imagine 2017


Fashion Shorts

There is a special place within the festivals Fantastic Fashion theme for the Fashion Shorts. Short fashion films are a genre all by themselves, financed and created differently from regular short films: private funds and sponsors provide large budgets, within which well-known directors can work freely. In collaboration with the Fashion Film Festival in Berlin, Imagine will screen an international selection of fashion films. Among others: A Rose Reborn (for fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna) by Park Chan-wook and Odyssey (for cognac brand Hennessy) by Nicolas Winding Refn. You can also see Christopher Walken in a series of short films made for clothing brand Jack&Jones.

Shorts op Imagine 2017

Nieuw Nederlands Peil

Imagine also focuses on Dutch short films again this year. Two world premieres will be screened: The 5th Dimension (Valentien Berning, 16’) and Retina (Justin Heyl, 8’). Other shorts shown at Nieuw Nederlands Peil: De Dode Spreekt (Marcos Mereles, 3’), Interface (Anna Hoetjes, 6’), Mannequin (Maarten Groen, 2’), Sprokkelhout (Lucas Camps, 14’), Sweet Tooth (Nico van den Brink, 5’) and Vigor (Philip Besamusca, 15’).