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The bloodthirsty doll, the killing psychopath and the most gruesome killings. In the eighties the slasher films were extremely popular with the general public. Nowadays, remakes and reboots are made of the classics like Friday 13th and Maniac Cop. This revaluation inspired Imagine to honor the classics with Slash-O-Rama! a celebration of the most bloody 80’s slashers with a career talk of director and distributor William Lustig.

William Lustig 

William Lustig grew up near the grubby movie theaters on New York’s 42nd Street. Not so strange that the rugged New York from the 70s and 80s plays a leading role in his best films, such as Maniac, Vigilante, and Maniac Cop. In those films, the dilapidated city was the field of work of serial killers, merciless avengers and murderous policemen. But Lustig also developed a lifelong love on 42nd Street for the obscure European genre film, especially at that time. After finishing his feature film career in 1996, the passionate film fan took over. Since 2002, Lustig has been CEO of Blue Underground DVD / Blu-ray label, where he is responsible for superb reissues and restorations of genre classics, including Dick Maas’ Amsterdamned. During Imagine Film Festival he will talk about his work and the special love for New York City.


Friday the 13th – Sean S. Cunningham (US 1980)

A group of young people set to work in a remote summer camp to put the location in order for visitors. While a heavy thunderstorm erupts in the evening, they fall prey to a mysterious murderer. The first of all summer camp-slashers lures his simple plot with creative special make-up effects by master make-up artist Tom Savini.


filmposter eyes of a a stranger, een film van Imagine Film Festival

Eyes of a Stranger – Ken Wiederhorn (US, 1981)

A TV reporter discovers that one of her neighbors may well be the man who leaves a trail of raped and murdered women in sunny Miami. With her research she not only puts herself in danger, but also her deaf and blind sister Tracy. Did you know that Jennifer Jason Leigh debuted in one of the better sleazy slashers from the early eighties? Now you know!


Just Before Dawn – Jeff Lieberman (US, 1981)
Five young people go into the mountains by camper, where one of them has a piece of land ownership. Earlier we saw how a man was slaughtered by a chuckling fat man with a machete. The sequel seems obvious. Or not at all? Early slasher in which an ominous role is reserved for mother nature, and the psychopath also has a surprise in store for us.


Maniac – William Lustig (US, 1980)

Frank Zito lives alone in a small apartment in Manhattan. At night he goes out to kill women. He attaches their scalp to mannequins, of which he has a collection in his bedroom. A meeting with photographer Anna changes his life. He is thrown back into his past, with far-reaching consequences.


 Maniac Cop – William Lustig (US, 1988)

New York is a dangerous place, due to a policeman who kills people left and right. The suspicion first falls on Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell), who has to prove his innocence and find the real maniac. Late eighties-slasher that work because of the grotesque psychopath, but also the rugged New York from before gentrification.