News » 5 February 2019

Things to come

What happens when Earth runs out of resources? Will we collectively move to Mars? And what does life on Mars look like? In China, the first baby with genetically engineered DNA was born. What does this invention mean for humankind? What if the technology of cutting up DNA falls into the wrong hands? In the scientific program “Things to come” we compare today’s science with futuristic scenes from science-fiction.

In our theme-program “Things to Come” we’ll explore headline topics of recent years: the possibilities of travelling to Mars by pioneers Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the genetic manipulation of DNA, already happening in China, and the growing fascination with superhumans and the possibility of gaining supernatural powers. Obviously, our program is accompanied by a whole bunch of fascinating films.

Mission to Mars, een onderdeel van Imagine Film Festival
Superheroes, een onderdeel van Imagine Film Festival

Practical Information

Imagine Film Festival will take place in 2019 from the 10th April till the 20th of April in Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Ticket sales will start in March 2019. Keep an eye out for our social media and subscribe to our mailing list.