News » 25 March 2019

Full programme, schedule & ticket sale!

The full programme of the 35th edition of Imagine Film Festival is out there! We’ll dive in all things fantastic with four different theme programmes; including masterclasses & exciting guests. The film programme is extensive & diverse, we have fantastic shorts, VR, Gaming and a special programme for professionals. During Imagine the imagination will lead the way!

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Things to Come

In the scientific program Things to come we’ll compare the current state of affairs in science with futuristic scenes from science fiction movie. In this in-depth programme we will discuss the (un)reality of trips to Mars and the possibilities of genetic manipulation of DNA. To which extent do well-known science fiction films have a predicting character?

Full programme of Things to Come

Let’s Talk About Sects

When you think about sects the feeling of dread already starts kicking in. No wonder sects have always been an influential theme in fantastic film and Quentin Tarantino has got a film planned on sect leader Charles Manson. In Let’s talk about sects we discuss infamous sect leaders and immerse ourselves in the psychology of their followers.

Full programme of Let’s Talk about Sects

New Stories in Gaming & VR

Virtual Reality and gaming go hand in hand in this program. Dutch developers present demos of their games, which you can play yourself afterwards! The best VR experience will receive a VR Award.

Full programme of New Stories in Gaming & VR


This programme is specially made for horror fans with nerves of steel. You can enjoy bloody horror classics until the small hours. A retrospective of films from the eighties with a very special guest of honour!

Full programme of Slash-O-Rama programma


Check out the film programme and the schedule. The ticket sale has started so check out your favorite programme!