Board Game Cafe

Immerse yourself in some fantastic board games!

During the Imagine Film Festival, the festival café is transformed into an amazing board game café where you can play some of the nicest and most exciting games from 999 Games. Solve a murder case with the multimedia Chronicles of Crime. As Jack the Ripper, try to stay out of the hands of the police in Letters from Whitechapel. Save Andor from destruction in the epic and accessible The Legends of Andor. Or discover how fun an analog game of Tetris can be (yes really) with BRIKKS.

Where games were a thing for children or hobbyists for years, this spell was broken around the turn of the century when one modern classic after the other was released: Catan, Carcassonne, Machiavelli, 30 Seconds, The legends of Andor and much, much more. If you think that nowadays people are only playing at the computer, then you are wrong. We are currently in a true Golden Age of board gaming, where the range is greater and more is being played than ever before.

Saturday the 13th from 3PM, you can join us in the cafe for some fun board games. See you there!

About 999 Games

For almost 30 years, 999 Games has been active as a distributor and publisher of board and card games in the Benelux. and has since shaken things up considerably in the Dutch board game market. A new generation of board games, distinguished by the use of beautiful artwork, high-quality materials and, above all, fewer antique game mechanisms, is published by 999 Games. This is fun for every level and every type of player comes first in the games.


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