A magician goes looking for the murderer of his father, in stylish murder mystery that is an irresistible treat for giallo fans.

Lorenzo is a successful magician, whose father – also a magician – was killed by accident. Just before a show, a murdered woman is found on stage and Lorenzo is the suspect. But he has suspicions of his own: is that mysterious smoking man connected to the death of his father?

The Argentinian Onetti brothers are back with another meticulously detailed giallo pastiche. Like Francesca (Imagine 2016), this is no contemporary take on the genre, but a detailed reworking, as the Onetti’s are fans who take their mission very seriously. The film features all its familiar tropes: stylized murder weapons and a glove fetish, weird logic, terrible dubbing, processed colours, Dutch angles, split screen and psychedelic music. Like its predecessor, this murder mystery with its sexy women and bad villains is a treat for the giallo fans and anyone who is thrilled by the old school stylistic flourishes.



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Type Feature Film
Director Onetti Brothers
Country Argentinia, New-zealand
Year 2018
Duration 90 min
Spoken languages Italian
Subtitles Dutch
Cast German Baudino, Raul Gederlini, Clara Kovacic |


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