Advantages of Travelling by Train

Bizarre urban legends keep you wondering whether they’re real or fake in funny and dark railway movie.

After visiting her husband Emilio in mental hospital, Helga is on a train with his psychiatrist. He tells her about the most incredible case he has ever had and soon his story becomes a story within a story. Afterwards, it’s Helga’s turn to tell the tale of her and Emilio. Funny and dark, these bizarre urban legends keep you wondering whether they’re real or fake.

The tall tales in Spanish comedy Ventajas de viajar en tren (not accidentally similar to the Argentinian film Wild Tales) are those you like hearing in a bar, and it’s actually better when there are things in there that you’re not sure you should believe – like someone feeding someone’s brain to her dogs, or an army nurse selling kids to rich politicians, who then sell their intestines to meat companies. In telling all these stories, director Aritz Moreno often weaves stories inside other stories and while this Chinese box structure adds to the wealth of weird tales, he never loses the overall thread of the conversation between Helga and the psychiatrist.


Type Feature Film Online
Director Aritz Moreno
Country Frankrijk
Year 2019
Duration 103 min
Spoken languages Spanish
Subtitles English
Cast Luis Tosar, Pilar Castro, Ernesto Alterio, Quim Gutiérrez


7 Sep 17:00 - 9 Sep 23:59
Imagine Rewind Online