All the Gods In the Sky

Haunting and bizarre imagery and a poignant relationship between brother and sister in a drama that defies categorization.

Simon lives as a carer for his sister Estelle, after an accident in their childhood left her severely injured. After more than twenty years together, both their house and Simon’s mental health start to fall apart. As their lives are grinding to a halt, Simon looks for a way to break the deadlock.

An expansion of his short film A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky (Imagine 2017), French director Quarxx’ first feature balances often bizarre and haunting imagery with the unlikely warmth and tenderness in Simon and Estelle’s relationship. The latter is not an able-bodied woman in make-up, but a model with real disabilities and the deliberate casting choice does pay off, as her performance is what gives the film real emotional depth. Meanwhile, Simon’s mental breakdown and fascination for crop circles provide the film with a narrative drive that seems to have only one destination. A film that defies categorization, bizarre and poignant in equal measure.


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Type Feature Film
Director Quarxx
Country Frankrijk
Year 2018
Duration 102 min
Spoken languages French
Subtitles English
Cast Jean-Luc Couchard, Mélanie Gaydos, Thierry Frémont


11 April 2019
16 April 2019