Magnificent looking space travel epic also reflects on dynamics, needs and beliefs of every human society.

With Earth devastated by climate change and pollution, enormous space ferry Aniara relocates the population to Mars in three weeks’ time. When the ship is hit by a piece of space debris, it drifts off-course. Will it manage to get back on track in time?

Central to Aniara is the story of female officer Mr, who is in charge of a virtual reality device aboard the spaceship called Mima, that allows passengers to relive their happiest moments on Earth. At first it’s hardly in demand, but the longer the journey through space takes, the more popular it gets. On the other hand, with no immediate solution at hand, passengers are forced to face the reality of reinstating a sense of community. Aniara, based on the narrative poem (1956) by Nobel Prize winner Harry Martinson, is one of the most ambitious sci-fi films you will see this year.


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Type Feature Film
Part of Things To Come
Director Pella Kågerman
Country Sweden, Denmark
Year 2018
Duration 106 min
Spoken languages Swedish
Subtitles English
Cast Anneli Martini, Arvin Kananian, Bianca Cruzeiro, Emelie Jonsson


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