A powerful new designer drug plunges a painter into an abyss of delirium and blood thirst in hypnotic thrill ride.

Dezzy just cannot finish her newest painting. This leaves her in trouble with her agent, who dumps her, and her landlord, who threatens to throw her out. In desperation, she turns to a new drug called Bliss. After her trip, she wakes up with blood on her hands and bloody additions to her painting. Hypnotic thrill ride with overtones of Ferrara and Noé.

On the surface, Bliss seems inspired by Abel Ferrara and Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void. But that would do Joe Begos’ third feature a big injustice. Entirely shot on 16mm, Bliss is a bad trip that never really comes down anywhere and leaves the viewer dazed and gasping for breath throughout. With a pulsating soundtrack and vivid, oversaturated colours, Begos creates a world where neither Dezzy nor the viewer know exactly what’s going on. That doesn’t matter: this relentless trip to hell, via one sleazy metal bar after another, is so high energy and thrilling, it leaves the audience in need of another shot.


Type Feature Film Online
Country Groot-Brittannië
Year 2018
Duration 110 min
Spoken languages English


7 Sep 17:00 - 9 Sep 23:59
Imagine Rewind Online