Blood Machines

Deliriously bonkers, gorgeously retro sci-fi sports naked ladies and Udo Kier lookalikes in a late night must-see on the big screen.

An Artificial Intelligence has escaped a space ship and now resides on a remote planet. Two men come to get her, but once they arrive half of the AI becomes part of the ship again, emerging as a naked woman, floating in space. When the men flee, taking a female hostage, board computer Tracy won’t stay neutral. A late night must-see on the big screen.

Deliriously bonkers, gorgeously retro and entertaining to a fault, this is the sort of film that Turbo Kid could have been. The story starts out pretty straightforward and gets ever weirder once the crew is back aboard the space ship. The visual and aural overload reaches a climax at the grand finale, sporting beautiful naked AI ladies and Udo Kier lookalikes. The score is by synthesizer heroes Carpenter Brut, adding even more retro to the film. A visual feast that is so out of the ordinary, never mind that the ‘feminist’ message may just be a dubious excuse to put as many perfect naked bodies as possible on screen.


Type Feature Film Online
Director Seth Ickerman
Country Frankrijk
Year 2019
Duration 50 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles English
Cast Alexis Perrin, Celine Dornier, Seth Ickerman


7 Sep 17:00 - 9 Sep 23:59
Imagine Rewind Online