Bullets of Justice

Fighter Rob Justice is a Mad Max on acid in this dystopian, but above all hilarious action spectacle from Eastern Europe.

Rob Justice belongs to a minority: human beings. A race of super soldiers, a cross between man and pig, was cultivated during the Third World War and rules with an iron fist twenty-five years later. Their main food source? Those very same human beings. But Rob and his fellow warriors fight back hard in a film that can only be described as Mad Max on acid. With an overdose of the latter.

That old cliché holds true for Bullets of Justice: you have to see it to not believe it. Even the knowledge that the film is a co-production of unlikely film countries Kazakhstan and Bulgaria doesn’t prepare you for the outlandish nonsense Bulgarian director Valeri Milev has gathered on film. Hero Rob is obsessed by butts, for example: his assistants’, his own and his enemy’s, a male model.  And why does Rob’s sister have a moustache? ‘You don’t wanna know.’ Add to that a never-ending wave of over-the-top violence and even the most demanding trash fan will stagger out in a daze afterwards.


Type Feature Film
Director Valeri Milev
Country Kazachstan, Bulgarije | Kazakhstan, Bulgaria
Year 2019
Duration 76 min
Cast Timur Turisbekov, Yana Marinova, Danny Trejo


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