Charlie Ticklefingers

Will you escape the illustrious Charlie Ticklefingers in time? - An absolute must for fans of horror and slashers! 

A blood-curdling chase in which the player has to run from a psychopathic killer – that sounds like the ultimate Imagine game. Which it is, because this VR experience was developed especially for Imagine 2019. Two Dutch game developers are trying to literally break through the boundaries of room-scale VR by making the players feel as if they’re roaming through endless spaces on just a few square meters. The rooms the player virtually runs through with a VR headset offer various challenges, such as vertigo moments, narrow corridors and steps. 

This VR experience lasts a few minutes and is playable for free for every Imagine visitor on various days during the festival. An absolute must for fans of horror and slashers!

Available from the Sunday the 14th of April until Thursday the 18th of April in the festival café.


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Type Game
Part of New Stories in Gaming & VR
Developers Gijs Bazelmans, Daan Kools
Country the Netherlands
Year 2019


Tickets not (yet) available