Crazy World

Kidnapped children appear to be kung-fu experts in another insane action flick from the Wakaliwood Collective.

In Kampala, The Tiger Gang, led by pint-sized mob boss Mr. Big, is kidnapping kids. Little do they know the kids are the WAKA Starz, experts in kung-fu fighting. Before long, the Starz’ parents are on the gang’s trail. Together, they fight off the bad guys. Another insane action flick from the Wakaliwood Collective.

According to director IGG Nabwana, he made this film to discourage the kidnapping of his own children. While that may be serious, Crazy World oozes filmmaking fun and drive. It pairs its outrageous and silly jokes with sadness: the closing credits inform us that three of the main cast and crew were killed since filming finished. It just goes to show how great it is that they’re making these action films in the ghetto of Kampala. The voice-over is hilarious as usual and the film is so packed with references to favourites like Rambo, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris it’s hard to keep up. Another infectious thrill ride from the Wakaliwood Collective.


Type Feature Film
Director IGG Nabwana
Country Oeganda | Uganda
Year 2019
Duration 63 min
Cast Dauda Bisasco, Kirabo Beatrice, Alex Ssemwogerere, Isaac Newton


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