Workers trapped inside the Copenhagen metro tube in incredibly tense claustrophobic nail biter.

PR official Rie spends a day in the tube that is being drilled for the Copenhagen metro. She interviews the workers, like Croatian foreman Ivo. He is in charge of inspecting the cutterhead, the drill that digs the tunnel. When Rie joins him on inspection, they are trapped inside the head.

First time director Rasmus Kloster Bro knows his disaster movies well and his thriller is a take on the trapped in a submarine genre, updated to present day Denmark and with an infusion of social issues like foreign workers and language problems.

Kloster Bro manages to rack up the tension throughout the film, partly because the audience knows as little about what’s going on in the tunnel as the protagonists. With some neat twists and turns, Kloster Bro keeps the narrative flowing, helped by terrific camerawork in the narrow spaces, adding a tense claustrophobia to the story. The most suspenseful film of Imagine this year.



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Type Feature Film
Director Rasmus Kloster Bro
Country Denmark
Year 2018
Duration 84 min
Spoken languages English, Danish
Subtitles English


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