Der goldene Handschuh

Golden Globe winner Fatih Akin shows the true face of a serial killer in the most gruesome and intense film of the festival.

Hamburg, the seventies. Fritz Honka is a regular visitor of Der goldene Handschuh, a bar where the patrons drink away their days. Fritz often picks up women there, but what his bar mates don’t know is that he kills them at home and cuts them into pieces.

Serial killers have often been given a certain amount of glamour and allure in recent films and series. Award-winning director Fatih Akin (Gegen die Wand, In the Fade) takes a very different approach; he shows Fritz Honka’s life down to the smallest details, and there is not an ounce of glamour. The murders themselves are shocking and intense, and the camera doesn’t flinch from their gruesome details. But through its bar patrons, the film also paints a picture of the lost underclass of post-war Germany, people who completely missed out on the Wirtschaftswunder. A tour de force in all its stifling claustrophobia.



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Type Feature Film
Director Fatih Akin
Country Germany, France
Year 2018
Duration 115 min
Spoken languages German, Greek
Subtitles English
Cast Jonas Dassler, Marc Hosemann, Margarete Tiesel


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