Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

A grieving widower looks for solace with a dominatrix in a mix of black comedy and bittersweet love story of sorts.

Father-of-one Juha is numb after losing his wife. In an attempt to feel anything, he connects with dominatrix Mona. In their weekly sessions she strangles him in a ritual that provides the only way Juha can feel connected to his wife. But soon his obsession takes a darker turn. Black comedy with a bittersweet love story of sorts at its heart.


Making a drama in a BDSM setting work is walking a fine line. The tender misfit romance between Juha and Mona is perfectly balanced by the director – they test each others’ limits and slowly start to let each other in, both of them finding solace in what the other person has to offer. While the scenes between Juha and Mona are intense and memorable, there is always a sense of compassion towards a man who must literally kill off something in him to start anew. Rekindling the emotional bond with his estranged teenage daughter Elli adds emotional warmth to a tale of anguish and ecstatic relief.


Type Feature Film
Director J.p. Valkepää
Country Finland
Year 2019
Duration 105 min
Spoken languages Finnish
Subtitles English
Cast Pekka Strang, Krista Kosonen, Ilona Huhta, Jani Volanen


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