This non-gory though chilling venture into body horror from the Czech Republic would make even David Cronenberg cringe.

Ramon is obsessed with getting his body in the right shape to meet his towering cycling ambitions. Charlotte desperately wants a baby and is obsessed with this in her own way. Both go to extremes to reach their goals, putting both their physical and mental health at risk. 

In Domestik even a pyramidshaped oxygen tent, with its semi-transparent canvas and menacingly humming generator, can be a source of anxiety. Once Ramon has it installed in their bedroom, he and Charlotte grow further and further apart, each retreating into their respective obsessions. Due to its clinical, stylized approach Domestik makes for a highly uneasy watch, somewhat comparable to Haneke’s Der siebente Kontinent and Todd Haynes’ Safe, both also about characters bound for self-destruction. To top it all off, the film boasts a highly inventive, oppressive sound design that chills the viewers’ bones even more, right up to the devastating finale.  



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Type Feature Film
Director Adam Sedlák
Country Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year 2018
Duration 118 min
Spoken languages Czech
Subtitles English
Cast Jiří Konvalinka, Miroslav Hanuš, Tereza Hofová

This film is participating in the competition for Méliès d'argent


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