Eyes of a Stranger

Did you know that Jennifer Jason Leigh made her acting debut in one of the better sleazy slashers of the early eighties? You do now!

A TV reporter discovers that one of her neighbours could very well be the man who is leaving a trail of raped and murdered women in sunny Miami. Her investigation puts not only herself in danger, but also her deaf and blind sister Tracy.

Director Ken Wiederhorn never actually aspired to be a horror director. Yet his name will forever remain connected to two fine genre films: the nazi/zombie classic Shock Waves (1977) and Eyes of a Stranger. The latter was supposed to be a thriller about a strangler, but under pressure of the producers it changed into a slasher, for which Tom Savini provided the special effects. Brian de Palma was impressed enough to offer Wiederhorn Body Double to direct. That fell through and Wiederhorn’s career stalled. But at least he gave Jennifer Jason Leigh’s career a decisive push in the right direction.



filmposter eyes of a a stranger, een film van Imagine Film Festival


Type Feature Film
Part of Slash-o-Rama
Director Ken Wiederhorn
Country USA
Year 1981
Duration 84 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Jennifer Jason Leigh, John DiSanti, Lauren Tewes


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