Film Concert: Aelita with Garland

Film concert with the Soviet film Aelita (1924), with a live score from German-Scottish electro-acoustic duo Garland

In this Soviet science fiction film from 1924, Los is an engineer living in Moscow who dreams of Aelita, who runs a totalitarian state on Mars. He builds a spaceship to meet her and they fall in love. But the couple faces a proletarian uprising to establish a Martian USSR. Director Jakov Protazanov used a radical constructivist production design, with disorienting geometrical shapes.

This modernist approach demands a like-minded score and German-Scottish electro-acoustic duo Garland certainly fits the bill. Freely combining analogue and digital technologies with field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, Garland finds its roots in the duos shared interest in sample-based music and the open-ended possibilities of making multiple versions of tracks found in the dub tradition.

This spring, their second album will be released and this is their first film collaboration.

Aelita & Garland: in collaboration with CineSonic.


Type Feature Film
Part of Things To Come
Director Yakov Protazanov
Country Soviet Union
Year 1924
Duration 120 min
Spoken languages Russian
Cast Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Tsereteli, Yuliya Solntseva

in collaboration with Cinesonic


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