Finding Tom Bombadil LIVE Black Box Special

Filmmaker and holistic detective Joost van de Loo hosts a live performance about his ongoing search for Tolkien’s most mysterious fantasy character.

Tom Bombadil is a charismatic minor character in The Lord of the Rings, who loves nature and often sings nonsensical songs. He is also the only one the Ring doesn’t affect. In 2015, Joost van de Loo became a holistic detective devoted to finding Tom Bombadil in the real world. The project assumes that Tom actually exists. Joost visited five different continents during his quest and created the detective documentary Finding Tom Bombadil, which premiered at Imagine last year.

This year, Joost van de Loo and his team are back to review the project’s progress. The special shows how a string of coincidences led to the discovery of a possible direct descendant of Tom Bombadil. Together with a panel of detectives, the pros and the cons of searching for a fictitious character are examined.

Due to the intimate nature of the material and never before seen images, this will be a ‘black box’ programme: the audience is explicitly requested not to make any kind of recordings.



Type Special
Director Joost van de Loo
Country Nederland | The Netherlands
Duration 90 min


Tickets not (yet) available