Friday the 13th

The archetype of all summer camp slashers peppers its simple plot with creative special make-up effects by master make-up artist Tom Savini.

A group of teenagers start working on a remote summer camp in order to get it ready for visitors. At night a heavy thunderstorm erupts, and one by one they fall prey to a mysterious killer.

Is there anything that isn’t iconic about the film that forty years ago put teen horror on the map with one fell axe swoop? The special make-up effects by Tom Savini. The ominous sounding ‘ch ch ch ah ah ah’ when the killer stalks his victims. The local weirdo who tells the teens ‘You’re all doomed.’ There’s too much to list. John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) did the groundwork and Friday the 13th topped it off gloriously. An endless series of rip-offs followed and the mythology around Jason Voorhees was expanded in eleven sequels – he even ended up in space. But true fans know: ‘the first cut is the deepest.’




Type Feature Film
Part of Slash-o-Rama
Director Sean S. Cunningham
Country USA
Year 1980
Duration 95 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, Jeannine Taylor


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