Isabelle Huppert brings an amazing performance to Neil Jordan’s female psychological thriller.

When she leaves the subway, young Frances sees a handbag that has been left on a seat. She brings it to the owner, French expat Greta who invites her in. Soon they become friends and spend a lot of time together. But Frances’ flatmate Erica suspects Greta is hiding something.

In 2013, Imagine presented the Career Achievement Award to Neil Jordan and this year he is back with his new film. Where its predecessor Byzantium had a female central character, Greta centres around three women, with male characters at the margins. The director gets great performances from all the actresses. Chloë Grace Moretz is excellent as the insecure Frances, who jumps at the offer of friendship in the big city and Maika Monroe gives good support as her flatmate. But it’s especially Isabelle Huppert’s tour de force. She’s brilliant as Greta, and the film really revolves around her transformation in this fine psychological thriller.


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Type Feature Film
Director Neill Jordan
Country USA, Ireland
Year 2018
Duration 98 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Dutch
Cast Chloë Grace Moretz, Isabelle Hupert


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