In Richard Stanley’s debut film, an assortment of dystopian science fiction ingredients, a killer robot wreaks havoc.

Somewhere in the post-apocalyptic future. Soldier Moses buys the remnants of a dismantled robot from a trader. It’s a present for his girlfriend Jill, who makes sculptures out of scrap metal. When the robot manages to repair itself and turns out to be a killing machine, it’s not only Jill’s life that’s in danger. In his debut film, Richard Stanley delivers an assortment of dystopian science fiction ingredients, that’s as intense as it is grim.

Richard Stanley was in his early twenties when brand-new producer Palace Pictures took an option on his script, which was intended to give a boost to the then-waning British genre film. With a budget of less than a million pounds, the filmmaker went on to deliver a debut film that, as noted by British film critic Kim Newman, was just as big a hotchpotch of ingredients as his killer robot was, with Mad Max and The Terminator as the obvious sources of inspiration. But at the same time, the idiosyncrasy of Stanley’s flamboyant style and talent for claustrophobic horror was undeniable. ‘I’m moving punk from vinyl to film’, Stanley himself said about the end result. No lie there.


Type Feature Film
Director Richard Stanley
Country Zuid-Afrika
Year 1990
Duration 94 min
Spoken languages English
Cast Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch


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