I Trapped the Devil + Flytrap

The devil is trapped in the basement in moody horror mystery that cleverly plays with the viewers’ expectations.

During the Christmas holidays, Matt and his wife Karen pay a surprise visit to his estranged brother Steve. Their arrival is no cause for celebrations as Steve greets them with suspicion and lets them into his secret: he has trapped the devil himself in his basement.

First time director Josh Lobo cleverly plays with the viewers’ expectations. It is clear from the onset that Steve is a disturbed, maybe paranoid person, who has enormous difficulties with a simple conversation with his brother. But once the word is out that he has trapped someone in the basement, the relations between Steve and the happy couple start to shift. Visually, the lights of an enormous Christmas tree often provide the only illumination of a scene, leaving a lot in the dark. The use of music and ambient sounds further enhances the creepy atmosphere of this moody horror mystery.


With the short film:


Charles complains to the deacon of his university about his roommate making a mess and management not doing anything about it. Disturbing stream-of-consciousness with an increasingly frantic voice-over, seemingly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, has the viewer wondering more and more if the real mess isn’t to be found somewhere else.

United States | 2018 |7m
Director | Connor Bland

Flytrap still Imagine


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Type Feature Film
Director Josh Lobo
Country USA
Year 2019
Duration 82 min
Spoken languages English
Subtitles Without
Cast Chris Sullivan, Jocelin Donahue, AJ Bowen, Susan Burke


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