Imagine Shorts Night 1

Showcase of fantastic short films coming from all around the world.

The Imagine Film Festival has a broad selection of international short films. During the Imagine Shorts Night, 16 fantastic shorts from 11 different countries will be screened. The programme is split in two parts, below you can find an overview of Imagine Shorts Night 1:

The Rabbit

A young detective and an older police officer investigate the case of a missing rabbit in the Flemish countryside. Meanwhile we learn more about the gossipy community than about the rabbit. Wonderfully corny comedy, with a sting in its tail.

Belgium | 2019 | 15m
Director | Jan Baeyens

Behind the Door / Detrás de la puerta

A woman tries to make contact with her deceased father through a ritual. She wants him to tell her where he hid the money she needs so desperately. But the ritual has some rules of its own. Stifling in its simplicity.

Argentina | 2019 | 9m
Director | Andrés Borghi

Streets of Fury

Fighter in vintage-looking videogame falls through a hole in the pixels and ends up with little sheep in a much cosier game. Original, witty fusion of two parallel digital worlds.

Ireland | 2019 | 5m
Director | Aidan McAteer

And Then The Bear / L’heure de l’ours

Little boy follows the example of children who burn down their parents’ homes, after he sees his mother make love to a strange man. Bizarre, dark animation film blends incredibly well with its soundtrack.

France | 2019 | 13:52m
Director | Agnès Patron


Boy and girl jog in the woods. Then they both disappear in a ditch, apparently without a trace. In other words: nature strikes back. Inventive timing and editing ensures a maximum of atmosphere and intensity.

Belgium | 2019 | 9:45m
Director | Steffen Geypens


A young woman discovers a USB port in her arm. When she plugs in, she ends up in the archive of her own life. There she starts reorganising a few things. Strong, original premise is skilfully directed towards its inevitable conclusion.

UK | 2019 | 8:56m
Director | David Yorke


A woman with dark intentions travels to the city from her home at the edge of a forest, and picks up a man there. Stunning short uses hyper-stylised shots to work towards a finale that’s as brutal as it is fitting.

Italy | 2019 | 15m
Regie | Andrea Corsini

Make Me a Sandwich

A couch potato constantly demands sandwiches, which his wife dutifully brings him. Until she’s had enough. Nicely exaggerated, hilarious revenge fantasy.

Canada | 2019 | 2:59m
Director | Denman Hatch


Type Short


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