Imagine Shorts Night 2

Showcase of fantastic short films coming from all around the world.

The Imagine Film Festival has a broad selection of international short films. During the Imagine Shorts Night, 16 fantastic shorts from 11 different countries will be screened. The programme is split in two parts, below you can find an overview of Imagine Shorts Night 2:



Slaughtering random passers-by as a family trade; we know it well from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Wrong Turn. Hardcore horror homage is guaranteed to make the heart of the die-hard fan beat a little faster.

USA | 2019 | 6:39m
Director | Daniel Ballard

Laura Hasn’t Slept

Laura has the same nightmare every night. In desperation, she seeks help from a psychotherapist. To reveal more would be a shame, but… goosebumps guaranteed!

USA | 2019 | 11m
Director | Parker Finn

Hand in Hand

Two politicians sign a treaty at a top conference, but when it’s time to shake hands things…uh… get out of hand. Absurdist, hilarious short.

Switzerland | 2019 | 3:40m
Director | Ennio Ruschetti

The Haunted Swordsman

A samurai and his companion, a talking skull, enter a world of spirits and demons. Stunningly crafted puppet film by special effects artist McTurk (Pacific Rim). Dutch Oscar winner Arjen Tuiten modelled the puppets.

USA | 2019 | 16:34m
Director | Kevin McTurk


A mother finds some odd brown gunk in her baby’s diaper. And it won’t be the last appearance of this mysterious substance either. A young mother’s fears, effectively and graphically transformed into surrealistic horror.

UK | 2019 | 9:30m
Director | Faye Jackson


In rural Arkansas, a boy and a girl have a connection that goes deeper and is more disturbing than just puppy love. Cleverly edited coming-of-age drama retains its suggestive, foreboding atmosphere until the very end.

USA | 2019 | 14m
Director | Russell Leigh Sharman

Strong Independent Space / Silny niezalezny kosmos

While his wife floats through space in a shuttle, a man says goodbye to his memories. Deceptively simply drawn black-and-white animation turns out to be a poignant metaphor for farewells and grief.

Poland | 2018 | 10:37m
Director | Dominik Krakowiak

Karaoke Night

A sleazy guy harassing a karaoke singer gets his come-uppance. And not just from her either. Deliberately gross comedy goes all out in the finale with exuberant Troma-style special effects.

Portugal | 2019 | 7:52m
Director | Francisco Lacerda


Type Short


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