In the Quarry

The real horror is hidden in relationships in a love triangle thriller with the tension rising with the temperature.

In a sweltering hot quarry in Uruguay, Alicia, her city boyfriend Bruno and two childhood friends have come to barbeque and chill. But Alicia has an affair with one of her old buddies, and slowly, Bruno starts to suspect something. Tensions start building between the city boy, the country boy and the girl in the middle. The real horror is hidden in relationships in this love triangle thriller.

In the Quarry takes its simple and human premise and rolls with it expertly, with the tension rising alongside the temperature on the sunny day by the water in Uruguay. The movie is very tactile and sensual, with the heat, the sweat, growing unrest, and sexual tension all reflected on screen. It’s a small clockwork mechanism with only four main characters, and it’s interesting how the movie makes you switch alliance as it progresses. It takes a long time before the actual horror kicks in, but the real horror is hidden in the intimate relationships between these young people, expertly acted out by the leads.


Type Feature Film
Director Bernardo & Rafael Antonaccio
Country Uruguay
Year 2019
Duration 82 min
Cast Paula Silva, Augusto Gordillo, Rafael Beltrán, Luis Pazos


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