When a buffalo breaks loose in a small Indian village, the community descends into chaos, blurring the lines between man and beast.

In a small village in Kerala, butcher Varkeychan is about to slaughter a buffalo for the wedding party of a politician’s daughter. When the animal breaks loose, it runs amok, and the village goes into lockdown with the men trying to catch it. Villagers’ properties and masculine pride are bruised in a tale that blurs the line between man and beast.

The opening of the film is superb – the eyes of undisclosed individuals open and close to the rhythmical tick of the clock. The sound of the clock soon merges with the ambiance of the meat market, cleavers drop at the bones, cut through tendons and flesh. The pulsating bass hypnotizes, while all sounds are weaved into the soundtrack in a mesmerizing staccato. Jallikattu is full of such memorable sequences, including the grand finale that needs to be experienced on the biggest possible screen. It is the story of nature striking back, reminding people that their culture is only a thin layer of disguise, hiding the truth about their animalistic roots.


Type Feature Film
Director Lijo Jose Pellissery
Country India
Year 2019
Duration 91 min
Spoken languages Malayalam
Subtitles English
Cast Opus Penta, Thomas Panicker, Naushad Salahudin, Lijo Jose Pellissery


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